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Dog Common Diseases

As a dog owner, it’s good to master the basics of care including, feeding, exercise, and training. Most importantly, you need to be able to recognize common signs and symptoms of dog common diseases, so you can seek help immediately. While most diseases are not fatal and can be treated easily, some have the possibility of getting serious if left untreated.

Common Dog Diseases and Their Symptoms

Listing all types of diseases for dogs will make a huge list and most of which are not really common. We encourage you to get help of a vet if you ever notice something uncommon from your dog. Signs like getting less active than before or laziness might be concearning. With a quick session and follow up with vet you can control and prevent more affects to your dog. below you can read more about 5 most common dog diseases and how to cope with them.

1. Itchy Skin/Skin Diseases

Well, dogs scratch often, but if yours is scratching incessantly, then there is a likelihood that there is a skin disease that needs immediate intervention. It is mostly caused by fleas, allergens in food, and improper cleaning. It can cause wounding and painful sores if not treated immediately.

2. Urinary Tract Infections

UTIs are also a common dog disease that you need to prevent as a dog owner. Its symptoms include blood in urine, frequent urination, crying while urinating and frequent licking of the genital area. If you see any of these, call your vet and have the dog diagnosed and treated immediately.

3. Ear Infections

If you don’t check and clean your dog’s ears often, then ear infections will most likely be a problem sooner than later. They are also commonly caused by allergens in food, corn, and other products. Signs include rubbing and shaking of the ear. An examination and treatment by a vet can help reduce the discomfort.

4. Canine Parvovirus 

It is a highly contagious type of dog disease that is caused by a virus. Your dog can get infected if it comes in contact with the fecal matter of an infected dog. Its symptoms include diarrhea, weight loss, lethargy, and fever. Giving your dog plenty of fluids and seeking the help of a vet is vital. Vaccination helps prevent it.

5. Rabies

It is caused by the rabies virus and its symptoms include pain, hyperactivity, fever, and burning sensation on the wound. It is transmitted through bites and saliva from an animal that is infected with the disease. It has no treatment and is fatal once its symptoms start showing. Vaccination and other preventive measures can help stop it.

What Should You Do If Your Dog Is Sick?

Dog common diseases affect your dog’s normal living. Some are even fatal and untreatable. If you notice that your dog is sick, seek the help of a vet immediately.

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